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Waste plastic recycling machine, scrap plastic and tyre to oil pyrolysis plant fairly popular in recent days, convert wastes into fuel oil is a profitable project. But, here, please pay attention, pollution and safety are the fundamental problems. In the old times, most countries people handle waste tires and plastic with landfill or burning that causes serious pollution and could probably lead to fire disaster or disease spread. With appearance of waste plastic recycling equipment, it give you a new way for waste recycling and renewable energy, but many pyrolysis machine causes serious pollution and explosion in many countries that banned by quite a few countries. Our machine adopts the newest green technology, equipped with overall environmental friendly devices and safety system that guarantee machine quality.

Suitable raw material for plastic recycling machine:

Raw material and approximate oil yield: PE/Ldpe/Hdpe: 95% PP: 90%, PS: 90%, ABS: 40%, Leftovers of paper:15%-20% (wet), 60% (dry), House garbage: 35%-50%, Plastic cable: 80%, Plastic bag: 50%, Submarine cable: 75%, Rubber cable: 35%, Sole: 30%, PVE and PET: Unavailable.

Environmental system for waste plastic recycling machine:

The pollution of waste plastic tyre pyrolysis plant mainly exits in four aspects: waste water, waste gas, waste slag and noise pollution.

1. Waste water: The waste water consists of two parts: condensing water and dust removing having water. The condensing water are recycling water, the final released waster will not cause any environmental pollution, however the water temperature is a bit high. The dust removing water are circulating water, they will be evaporated without any emissions.

2. Waste gas: Waste gas also include two parts. First, the waste oil gas, it are not liquified under normal pressure, Our waste plastic pyrolysis pant have advanced exhaust gas recovery system to recycled the gas back to heating system to heat the reactor; Second, waste smoke, it is generated from burning coal or wood, while, with our high-tech dust removing system, the exhaust can meet European emission standards.

3. Waste slag: it is also called crude carbon black as byproduct, food generated during the pyrolysis process, the market value is about 400-500 Yuan per ton, if need to make further process of it, it can be value about 4000-5000 Yuan per ton, the carbon black slag is usually used in rubber and plastic factory. Now we has invented the machine to process carbon black into color master, welcome your purchase.

4. Last, noise: our waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts low noise fan equipment, the noise is less than 60 decibels, noise of power part and auto-feeder are no more than 50 db. If there are any greening trees around your factory, the noise is below 50 in the day and 45 decibels at night.

OK, once you know the above information, I do believe you do not require to worry anything about environmental aspects. Let's move on safety system:

100% safety device about our electricity equipment:

We know that if the waste plastic recycling plant has an explosion, it need three conditions: oil gas, oxygen and high temperature, then there will a disastrous explosion. So comprehensive safety device is the guarantee for normal operation of the enterprise. Technology is the real key. We clients are engaged in pyrolysis oil field for 25 years and mastered mature technology. All of our equipment have pressure gauges, alarms, safety valves, and also specialist anti-blocking device to make sure of personal safety concerns.

Our machine has an oil-water separator and an anti-blow back device which contains water in buying it. They will stop the oil gas blowing back towards the reactor. Regrettably oil gas passes through water and comes out as bubbles, so it will now never blow back. Another advantages is usually that our machine can discharge carbon black and slagging quickly. There is a Slag discharge pool alongside the reactor, and the cover has water about the edge. This pool connects with the furnace, so the oxygen inside it will be consumed and thus create vacuum pressure. It is impossible for the oxygen left through the vacuum. Our reactor was manufactured meet up with the exacting standards of pressure yachts. The materials of the our reactor are Q245R, Q345R and S310 boiler steel, these materials can bear hot temperatures with best resistance to prolong the service life.

Welcome your visit:

Our factory has running waste plastic pyrolysis machine for your visiting and studying, it's only two hours to Zhengzhou from Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou by airplane, here are some pick you at the airport, excited your for visiting.

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